Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kylan James Cramer

So... It's been a while, eh? We had Kylan James Friday, March 13th. We went in to find out if he was breech still (heads up) If he was, they were going to try to do another version and if the version didnt work out, they had a c-section all ready to go. If the version did work, they were going to induce me. I received a call saying to get there at 2 on Thursday, even though I was told 3 before hand. We got there at 2 and they told us we were early.. Oh.. I don't thin kI mentioned the BEST part.. I was told not to eat ANYTHING after 6 AM in case I needed a c-section. I went almost 29 hours without eating... Anyways, so I got on the bed, and wouldn't ya know it, in the hour we were waiting at the hospital, he flipped! Yay! No c-section needed! They gave me a cervix softener, which did nothing... So they started Pitocin to start labor going. after about 5 hours, they broke my water, and boy, oh boy... there was a LOT of water. Gross, sorry. I got an epidural and went all night in pain. It didn't work very well... I wish I would have been as lucky as all the other women who can sleep after they have and epi.. Every body is different though. So around 8 or 9 (?) My doctor came in and said I was ready to go!! 17 hour labor total, 12 hours from when my water was broken, and 2 hours of pushing. 10:54 AM We had Kylan James. 6 lb 11 oz, 20 in. He has silver/brown hair. It really is silver! James and I are happy to finally have our little boy here! (And I'm happy to not be pregnant anymore!!!) Kylan was a bit Jaundice for his first week. Many doc visits and heel pokes :( He is all better now though! I will post more about him when I get the chance :)